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Does your business or one you know use cage-free eggs?

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Benefits of joining

Customers these days are increasingly wanting food that’s been produced to high animal welfare standards so there’s never been a better time to join Choose Wisely.

Here's why

When you join, your business will be listed in the Choose Wisely directory, helping connect customers looking for humane food in your area directly to you. You’ll also have access to Choose Wisely promotion material, which you can use to show your customers that you’re passionate about humane food.

It’s simple and free to join. Let’s get started!

Quick Facts: Customers care about animal welfare

+ Two in three Australians are concerned about confinement of layer hens and pigs**

+ 85% of Australians agree that it’s important that the meat, eggs and dairy products sold in Australia are farmed in a humane and ethical way*.

+ 77% of people agree that when eating at a restaurant or café, it’s important that the meat, eggs and dairy products served come from animals farmed in a humane and ethical way*.

+ Almost one in two people would be prepared to pay 20% more for animal products that were certified to have come from farmers and processors that use best animal welfare practices*

*Source: McCrindle Research April 2015 ** Source: RSPCA Australia

What Choose Wisely means for you

Choose Wisely venues are using cage-free eggs, higher welfare chicken and/or free range or bred free-range pork as much as they can.


Talk about humane food and how you’re Choosing Wisely with your customers. Be ready to tell your customers where you purchase your eggs, chicken and/or pork from, so that they can be confident they’ve been farmed humanely.

The RSPCA doesn’t have the resources to monitor this commitment, so it’s based on trust.

FAQs + Promo material

We want to make talking about humane food easy so we have a number of ways to help.

Show tools

When you join, we’ll send you a Choose Wisely welcome pack with material to show your participation in Choose Wisely. This includes a counter card and decal. Put the decal in your front window or glass display cabinet, where your customers can easily see it and know that you’re passionate about serving humane food. If you want to use the logo or icon in another place, such as on your menu, that’s great and you can download them using the links below.

 Choose Wisely Brand

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Cheat Sheet for Staff

Here’s a cheat sheet to help talk to your staff about how joining Choose Wisely will give farm animals a better life and meet customer demands.

Cheat Sheet for Staff (PDF)



Choose Wisely is an RSPCA initiative to make choosing humane food when eating out a whole lot easier. For starters, Choose Wisely businesses are using cage-free eggs, higher welfare chicken and/or free range or bred free-range pork as much as they can.

No, you don’t have to be a restaurant or café to register with Choose Wisely. You can be a school, university, child-care centre, food van or hotel/motel. It’s all about making a statement to the community that your establishment truly cares about animal welfare.

In short, you’ll get more customers! There’s an increasing global trend of consumers asking for food that’s produced to high animal welfare standards. By serving humanely farmed food, your business will be:

  • Listed on the Choose Wisely website (individually and in search results)
  • Promoted as a business people should support
  • Provided with the Choose Wisely chicken and pig icon, which you can feature on your window, menu and/or front counter to show your customers that your businesses supports humane food
  • Demonstrating that eating out doesn’t need to compromise the welfare of farm animals.

In a cage, each hen has less space than the size of an A4 piece of paper. Caged hens cannot behave naturally. They can’t stretch out or flap their wings, forage for food, scratch in the dirt, dust bathe, socialise freely or lay their eggs in the privacy of a nest.

These days, customers are really uncomfortable with the farming methods associated with cage eggs. They prefer to choose cage-free.

Both systems can adequately provide for a hen’s needs if managed well. The RSPCA believes that a well-managed barn system can be just as good for hen welfare as a proper free-range facility. From an animal welfare perspective, it’s a myth that barn is second best. It’s all about who is operating the system and to what standards they adhere to.

Unfortunately there’s currently no legal or nationally consistent definition for free-range. That means people buying free-range eggs may not always be getting what they paid for. Make sure your eggs carry independent accreditation for animal welfare from a reputable animal welfare organisation like the RSPCA. RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standards are publicly available and participating farms are assessed at least twice a year.

This will depend on your supplier and the market. Some Choose Wisely businesses have been lucky enough that their suppliers have made the switch to cage-free eggs at no extra cost. Others have said it can cost between four and 12 cents more per egg.

Welfare-friendly chicken may be called higher welfare indoor or free-range. Welfare-friendly pork comes from pigs that are free-range or bred free-range. Look for these terms on the packet or talk to your supplier – if it doesn’t specify the system then you can assume it’s from a conventional system and not welfare friendly.

If your supplier doesn’t stock humanely farmed egg, chicken or pork alternatives, there’s lots of alternatives, check out Shop Humane for a list of RSPCA Approved brands and their availability.