The Coffee Club joins Choose Wisely


To celebrate the launch of the new look Choose Wisely website we are excited to announce that The Coffee Club has joined Choose Wisely.

The Coffee Club is Australia’s largest home-grown café Group with over 240 stores across Australia, all working towards one mission: to provide ‘Good Food, Great Service and Excellent Coffee’!

As a member of Choose Wisely, The Coffee Club has committed to the Silver level for eggs, which means all egg-containing food made on the premises are made with cage-free eggs. This means 100,000 eggs every week are being sourced from hens that don’t live in cages.

By joining Choose Wisely, The Coffee Club is not only demonstrating that they care about the welfare of hens, but they are giving customers what they want – higher welfare food.

“The Coffee Club is committed to corporate social responsibility so we like to help out in any way possible. Consumers are becoming more aware of where the food they eat comes from and want sustainable and humanely raised options. As a Franchise Group, we like to think we make a significant impact!" said Dan Forrest, Executive Chef, The Coffee Club.

This is a significant commitment by The Coffee Club and the RSPCA encourages people to vote with their wallets and show their support for hens by supporting those businesses helping them live cage-free.

Battery farming is one animal welfare issue where every decision and purchase you make can make a difference. It only takes the purchase of six barn-laid or free-range eggs a week to help one hen live cage-free.

Choose Wisely businesses are supporting the RSPCA’s campaign to improve the treatment of farm animals. They are an active part of a progressive movement towards higher welfare food.

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